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In 2021, Which Engagement Rings Are Trending?

Ready to propose in 2021? Discover the most popular engagement ring styles as we gear up to head into the new year. 

With the new year coming up quickly, it always stirs the question—what’s next? In the world of bridal jewelry, we have reflected on the trends of the past year and are looking to the future to see where love lands next. With a new near and a new beginning, find out what engagement ring is the perfect fit for your 2021 proposal.

Trending Engagement Ring Styles

We’ve rounded up our favorite jewelry designers and styles to share all of the trending engagement rings this year. Early trend predictions lean towards classic styles with a twist. Get ready to pin to a new style on that secret Pinterest board because Deutsch & Deutsch has some of the trendiest pieces to offer in 2021.

Not So Simply Solitaire

New engagement ring trends come and go, yet year after year, solitaire rings continue to rank as the most popular style to hold in hand when down on one knee. If you’re interested in choosing a solitaire engagement ring, Deutsch and Deutsch offer hundreds of different possibilities, many of which have unique metalwork, rare diamond shapes, and hidden details that reveal themselves the longer the ring holds your gaze.

The metal choice is important with solitaire settings as it sets the tone for your engagement ring. Yellow gold is radiant and warm, while platinum feels like pure luxury. Even though the diamond center stone gets to revel in the spotlight, many rings feature hidden diamond detailing on the bridge or edges of the ring for those who don’t want to sacrifice an ounce of sparkle.

Stepping Stones

Honor the past, present, and future with your significant other with a three stone engagement ring. The new year is bringing with it a sense of sentimentality; a desire to reflect on the past and cultivate hope for the future. Let your engagement ring express those same sentiments. A three stone engagement ring carries a deep personal meaning, while simultaneously reflecting the beauty and sophistication of the ring-wearer without hesitation.

Pick a Pear

A pear or teardrop shaped center stone is a unique choice for an engagement ring that has become increasingly popular due to its rise in fame in the celebrity world. Pear shaped engagement rings especially resonate with daring brides who want something a little different for their forever ring. If you’re considering choosing a fancy cut diamond, you’ve come to the right place for excellent versions.

The stone shape alone stands out amongst the crowd, but the setting can give each ring even more of a personality. Consider a diamond halo for a softened yet glamorous take on the style. For a sleek, modern touch, certain styles have bezel set diamonds encasing the center stone in metal. Flip the stone sideways and you have an ultra-contemporary horizontally set ring that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Hello, Halo

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that harks to how you have found your angel, this celestial option features the irresistible shimmer of diamonds in unexpected designs. After one look at the blindingly beautiful selection of halo engagement rings, it is clear that each designer has found their own rhythm in creating these glittering masterpieces.

For a swirling style, consider a twisting halo that connects to the ring’s shank like a warm embrace. Or perhaps a complex sculpted halo, reminiscent of vivid tapestries or a regal crown from eras past. Like frames holding your most cherished photos, the halo frames the center stone and is an excellent opportunity to add a personal touch to your engagement ring.

Find Your 2021 Engagement Ring at Deutsch & Deutsch

Find all of these beautiful rings at Deutsch & Deutsch, and discover even more styles in store at one of our locations across Texas including El Paso, Houston, Laredo, Victoria, and McAllen. Let our team of experts help you find an engagement ring that not only fits your personal style, but represents your unique love story. No matter what you’re looking for in the upcoming year, Deutsch & Deutsch is here to help you find the pieces that speak to your heart and soul.


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