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Characteristics of Bulova

Innovation, style, precision—these are the qualities that have defined Bulova timepieces since Joseph Bulova founded the company in 1875. Bulova has been a pioneer of watch technology ever since, including developing the first fully electronic watch in the world and producing the first radio and television commercials of timepieces ever aired. Many advancements in science, including the first clock radio, NASA timepieces, and the first designs for an automobile clock, have come from Bulova engineers. The company remains driven by the same principles the company was founded with and will continue to push innovation in every field.

Popular Bulova Collections

Bulova watches are, simply put, a slice of mechanical perfection. Each watch is carefully and thoughtfully designed and calibrated by expert engineers with an eye for both high-tech excellence and luxurious beauty. The women’s Rubaiyat Collection speaks to the balance of poetic beauty and quality. One of Bulova’s many iconic innovations, the Rubaiyat collection, was started in 1917 and was the first-ever line of women’s wrist watches to be produced. Gorgeous, glowing mixed-metal bands will complement any outfit and the watch face is easily read and eye-catching. For the true fashionista, the Crystal Collection pairs Bulova’s signature precision with stunning, statement-making designs. Each watch features brilliant, hand-set Swarovski crystals.

Sensing that the pocket watch would soon fade in fashion popularity, Bulova also pioneered some of the earliest wristwatch sales in America. This timeless commitment to quality while staying one step ahead of the trends is still present in Bulova’s men’s collections. The Marine Star line is a truly masculine, polished collection. Each watch is practical and durable, able to withstand a day’s hard work, while still shining through with incredible style. The Bulova Classic Collection offers durable leather bands and metal bands as well as rounded or square faces. The high-tech Precisionist Collection speaks to Bulova’s decades of contributions to air and space exploration.

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