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Halo Rings



Characteristics of Halo Rings

A heavenly piece, the halo engagement ring radiates beauty. Characterized by a center stone encircled with smaller diamonds or other gemstones, the stage is perfectly set to turn heads. Light reflects off the surrounding diamonds, drawing attention to the center stone and making it appear larger and more brilliant. Choose between a round brilliant to create a bold shine or soften the look of rigid cut diamonds, such as the lovely pear or marquise. With a range of variations to choose from, the halo ring continues to grow in popularity, making this classic look perfect for every bride-to-be.

Popular Halo Ring Collections

Handcrafted by artisans, TACORI offers breathtaking pieces inspired by alluring California landscapes. Timeless and romantic, the Dantela collection features a lace-like design with elegant accent blooms, adding to the halo's sparkling effect. Meanwhile, the Petite Crescent and Crescent Chandelier collections are characterized by TACORI's signature crescent silhouette with a contemporary twist. A physical embodiment of your special day, TACORI halo rings are designed to last, utilizing immaculate craftsmanship and modern technology. Alternatively, Deutsch Bridal's in-house designs feature striking halo engagement rings in a diverse assortment of diamond cuts, such as the sophisticated pear or the bold round brilliant.

At MARS Fine Jewelry, each halo ring is elevated to heirloom status. Crafted to last a lifetime, MARS collections attract those fascinated by the grandeur things in life. Bold and luxurious, the Luxe collection features diamond baguettes and large center stones embellished with halos. An unexpected touch, the Infinite Allure collection is characterized by diamond heavy designs and swirling bands, encompassing the piece in a sea of diamonds. While several collections are inspired by modern design, the Grand Estates collection is reminiscent of antique estate jewelry. Intricate detailing and old-warm charm make each ring an instant heirloom.

Why Shop Halo Rings at Deutsch & Deutsch?

Starting as a small 1920’s tourist shop in Mexico, Deutsch & Deutsch now proudly services the Southern Texas and Gulf Coast regions with several showrooms located in El Paso, Houston, Victoria, Laredo, and McAllen, Texas. Family-owned for 80 years, our excellent staff is sure to assist you in finding the perfect halo ring. Not only do we offer a wide selection of jewelry pieces, but we also carry a diverse collection of premium timepieces and offer both watch and jewelry repair. Contact us with any questions regarding the products and services we offer or visit us today at a showroom near you.