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Creating Contrast: How To Layer Necklaces

February 15th, 2022

The trend we?ve seen on runways, in fashion magazines, and gracing the necks of celebrities and fashion icons is one we?re fawning over this season. The perfect blend of weights, colors, textures, and lengths can be hard to achieve, but we?ve put together a comprehensive guide to create a dynamic look when layering necklaces.

Pick A Focal Point

The first step to creating the perfect combination of necklaces is selecting one necklace to be the focal point of your stack. Choose details of this necklace to complement using the other necklaces you?ll layer together with it. Your focal point necklace should be the loudest, most eye-catching piece.

Varying Lengths

One of the most essential principles of successfully layering necklaces is selecting the right lengths. The length of each necklace should be significantly different. If they are too close in length, they are likely to get tangled together and become indistinguishable as separate pieces.

Combine Weights

When we refer to the ?weight? of a necklace chain we?re referring to the size of the individual chain links and the width (not the length) around the chain itself. Layering together necklaces of varying chain weights gives the overall look a bit of an edge.

Coordinate Your Colors

When choosing the pieces you?re going to layer together, first decide on a color scheme. Do you want to use varying shades of one focal color? Or maybe you?d like a variety of similar but complementary hues? Alternatively, create a dazzling display by choosing complementary colors that stand out against one another like green and red or orange and blue.

Shop The Perfect Layering Necklaces

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