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The Many Hues of Bracelets

March 15th, 2023

Close up image of a hand holding a rose gold bracelet featuring sapphires and diamonds

Spring is right around the corner, and bracelets are a crowd-favorite accessory for any chic outfit this season. Gemstones are even more popular this time of year, with vibrant colors that offer a breath of fresh air. Cleverly, preferred designers have incorporated vivid gemstones into their bracelet designs for a charming accessory perfect for springtime.

Tempting with Turquoise

In recent years, turquoise gemstones have skyrocketed in popularity. As one of the first jewels to be unearthed, turquoise is unlike most of your favorite gems, with a uniquely opaque yet vibrant appearance. This gem is unapologetic and brings personality to any outfit you wear this Spring.

Like most of the pieces from Shy Creation, this yellow gold bracelet is undeniably playful and chic, no matter how you style it. The Evil Eye is regarded as a symbol of protection and is usually depicted in blue. The striking sapphire in the eye’s iris deepens this talismanic meaning.

A dainty gold chain bracelet featuring two four-petaled flower pendants filled with mother of pearl

Leave Them Wanting with Whites

Although neutral colors are usually recognized as boring, they can be remarkably versatile. White is especially delightful in the springtime. The most popular white-colored gemstones are also some of the most elegant jewels in the world. Pearl, mother of pearl, and opals are raved-about when used in jewelry designs.

A silver chain bracelet from TACORI with bezel set chalcedony and amethyst

Pretty in Purple

Purple, in general, is popular any season, from deep, dark plums in the wintertime to neon violets in summer. Spring fashion is often characterized by pastel colors, and therefore, lavender is a smart selection to include into your spring jewelry. Choosing amethysts that are pastel-hued ensure that you stay trendy this season.

Crafted with high quality sterling silver, this chunky chain bracelet features TACORI’s famous California-inspired designs with pastel amethysts and chalcedony gemstones. Style this bracelet with your favorite graphic tee and ripped jeans or sport it with formal wear.

A John Hardy bracelet with intricate chain details and an array of neutral colored gemstones

Gorgeous Grays

Similar to whites, grays are a wonderfully versatile neutral. Light to silver grays especially are a favorite in the springtime. These icy tones make a surprising addition to any ensemble you sport this season, catching all the attention from onlookers wherever you go. Silver-colored gemstone jewelry is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

Close up of a woman putting a pearl and silver bracelet onto another woman’s wrist

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