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All About the Round Cut Diamonds

All About the Round Cut

A round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape and for over a hundred years, diamond cutters have been enhancing their techniques to perfect this exquisite cut. The diamond's circular shape is cut with 58 facets to reflect light brilliantly, resulting in a sparkle more radiate than any other diamond shape. A round brilliant has a uniform and symmetrical appearance that allows for optimal light to flow through the stone. Because the round diamond is cut to such high standards, this wondrous stone makes color and inclusions appear better than other unique shapes and features the most fire and scintillation.

History of the Round Cut Diamond

Dating back to the 17th century, the round brilliant cut diamond is one of the oldest shapes. Years of experimentation in crafting a technique to make the most brilliant diamond led to the invention of the round diamond with the most facets and allure. The invention of the bruting machine in the late 1800s allowed craftsmen to create a circular shape rather than one with hard prominent edges. However, while these diamonds were technically round, the technique was not fully perfected until 1919 when a study, featuring a mathematical formula to cut diamonds proportionally, was released. Over time, advances in technology have allowed for the techniques to be altered.

Why Choose a Round Cut Ring?

The round cut diamond is an ideal shape for the center stone of an engagement ring. This timeless design makes up for 74% of all diamond engagement rings sold and is not likely to go out of style any time soon. The high brilliance of this shape is great for those who want maximum sparkle with a truly luxe feel. The round cut diamond is hugely versatile. Different silhouettes, from a heavenly halo to a three stone setting, enhance the overall shape. A round cut ring blends into a range of aesthetics allowing for you to create a design that is vintage, contemporary, bold, or subtle.

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