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Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

Wedding bands are designed to last forever, reminiscent of the marriage they represent. As shown by their strong and sturdy design, these rings are crafted for comfort and practicality. For many wedding bands, the finish defines their aesthetic. Bridal jewelry designers have, for decades, been creating a fantastic variety of finishes that suit a great many tastes and lifestyles. Our team at Deutsch & Deutsch has put together a guide to some of the most popular wedding band finishes available.

Polished Finish

These pieces have a reflective appearance, sometimes referred to as a "mirror finish." Their shine and brilliance make them a very popular choice. For someone who wants a more fanciful and spectacular ring, a polished band is perfect. Note that they can become dull over time, so they must be repolished periodically. Your neighborhood jewelry store can help.

Satin Finish

Satin-finished bands are ideal for someone who wants something understated but noticeable. They certainly have a lustrous appearance, but it's much less attention-grabbing than a polished piece. They have an exquisitely modern chicness to them. It’s no wonder they’re the second most popular finish, as they are effortlessly stylish but not overwhelmingly so.

Matte Finish

These finishes drop the shine in exchange for a modest aesthetic. They say "I’m married" without making a show of it, well-suited for those who want a more straightforward piece. That’s not to say that they don’t look incredible: depending on the metal used and the addition of metalwork details and gemstones, a matte finish ring can be just as spectacular as a polished piece.

Brushed Finish

Like matte, brushed finishes are not reflective. They instead opt for an interesting texture to create a unique aesthetic. As its name suggests, it has a wire-brush look that is edgy and masculine. Their rugged appearance is great for those that work regularly with their hands as scratches and scuffs will be nearly indiscernible. Brushed finished rings are perfect for everyday wear.

Hammered Finish

Rings with a hammered finish look like they’ve been hit with a hammer all around the band. This gives them an eccentric, rustic appearance. For someone who wants an unusual and unique band, a hammered piece is difficult to beat. It also forgoes a reflective sheen, so it won’t be overly flashy.

Sandblasted Finish

Sandblasted rings have a grainy and coarse texture. These pieces have a rugged and naturalistic look that is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Sandblasted finishes are practically immune to harm and everyday wear-and-tear, as they will not show scratches and dings. This finish would be great for someone who works with their hands and wants a non-reflective ring.

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