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John Hardy
John Hardy
John Hardy

John Hardy



Characteristics of John Hardy

John Hardy is known for stunning works of art inspired by the beautiful landscapes and intriguing culture of Bali. For over forty years the talented artisans of this fashion house have been handcrafting their designs using authentic techniques of the Balinese royal court such as chain-weaving and hand-hammering metals. Exquisite designs reflect the raw beauty of nature and feature decorative elements such as bamboo segments and the textured jawan motif. Collections of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are made with a commitment to sustainability using reclaimed silver and gold along with diamonds mined under the guidelines of the Kimberley Process.

Popular John Hardy Collections

Fashion rings for women from this talented designer are models in craftsmanship and artistry. Fashion-forward designs are wearable works of art that feature mixed metals, delicate diamonds, and gemstones with traditional Balinese designs. Unique options in John Hardy’s collections of rings offer incredible versatility and style. Bracelets from this talented designer come in a variety of styles, widths, and sizes, not only ensuring there is a piece perfect for every personality but allowing for the freedom to stack and pair different pieces for completely individualized looks. Rings and cufflinks for men are equally stunning with ruggedly masculine designs that allow every gentleman to bring daring style to his wardrobe.

Necklaces are exquisitely crafted not just for beauty and style, but to embody power and inspiration. Drop necklaces and dazzling pendants featuring eye-catching gemstones that pair perfectly with hand-cast metals and Balinese motifs. Extraordinary earrings such as bold studs or delicate drop earrings offer fashionable flair with mixed textures, iconic designs such as chain-weaving, and beautiful gemstones like lapis, pearl, and black sapphire. Woven chains and bracelets for men offer effortless style with pieces that generate a quiet spirituality in pieces that can be worn alone or layered for a ruggedly sophisticated look.

Why Shop John Hardy at Deutsch & Deutsch?

Like John Hardy’s commitment to preserving the beautiful nature of Bali’s natural landscape, Deutsch & Deutsch is committed to preserving the beauty of life with delicate treasures that celebrate life’s special occasions. Whether you are looking for a beautiful piece to add to your collection or a gift for a cherished loved one, our expert associates can help you discover the perfect John Hardy original for your next purchase. Visit our website for more information or to find a location near you and be sure to schedule an appointment to discover for yourself why Deutsch & Deutsch is the jewelry store where life happens.