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Essential Tips to Maintain Watch Value

December 15th, 2023

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At Deutsch & Deutsch, we not only offer an enchanting selection of timepieces but also cherish the longevity of your treasured watches. Our commitment extends beyond the sale, as we've crafted a comprehensive guide to preserve the elegance and value of your loved timekeepers. From routine maintenance to expert advice, we equip you with all the necessary insights to ensure your timepieces survive beautifully through time. Dive into our guide and discover the pivotal steps to safeguard and improve the lasting worth of your watches, assuring they remain timeless investments for generations to come.

Make Thorough Cleaning a Crucial Routine

Regular maintenance at home is essential to retaining the beauty, form, and function of your beloved timepieces. First, use a soft, lint-free cloth for daily wiping, which removes surface dust and fingerprints. Once a week, prepare a bowl of warm water with a mild soap. Using a soft toothbrush, gently scrub the watch, focusing on crevices where dirt accumulates. Be cautious with water-resistant watches; ensure the crown is tightly sealed before cleaning. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. For leather straps, avoid water; instead, use a specialized leather cleaner. Regularly inspect for damage or wear, and seek professional servicing if needed. This routine keeps your watch in pristine condition, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

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Preserve the Crystal, its Window to Time

The crystal of your watch is a window, clear and unscathed, and it should remain so. Vigilance in avoiding impacts against hard surfaces is essential; inadvertent contact with walls or other objects can lead to unsightly scratches. Proactively safeguarding your watch’s crystal is not merely about retaining aesthetic appeal but also about preserving the integrity of its function. Each careful step you take extends the pristine condition of your timepiece, guaranteeing that the passage of time is reflected beautifully on its surface for years to come.

Purchase Watches from Renowned Brands

Investing in watches from celebrated brands with a storied history isn't just a purchase, it's a statement. These are timepieces that marry the finest craftsmanship with long-lasting design, making them coveted by icons across industries. As benchmarks of success, they're not just about telling time—they're about telling a story of achievement. The prestige of these brands isn’t fleeting; it's built on a legacy of quality and exclusivity that holds its charisma. This unwavering demand assures their value, proving that such watches are not only a reflection of personal triumph but also a wise heirloom investment that transcends passing trends.

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Maintaining the Movement is Crucial

The heart of your watch, its movement, commands vigilant care to retain value. Dust, moisture, and wear can compromise the intricate web of components that can number in the hundreds. Regular maintenance by a skilled watchmaker ensures each part is masterfully cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted for precision. Such expertise in disassembling and reassembling these mechanical marvels is invaluable. Properly tended, a watch's movement maintains its precise rhythm, keeping time and value intact. Finding a professional you can trust to care for your watch is critical—jewelers wield the tools and know-how to conserve the lifeblood of your luxurious investment.

Limit Your Watch’s Exposure to Chemicals 

Safeguard your watch's longevity by avoiding harsh chemicals. Household cleaners, perfumes, and oils can degrade watchbands, especially leather, leading to premature wear or tear. Apply colognes and perfumes well before strapping on your watch, allowing them to dry to prevent damage. Treat your timepiece as delicately as your finest jewelry—adorn yourself with it only after your grooming routine is complete, just prior to slipping on your jacket. For cleaning your watch, steer clear of potent agents; opt for gentler alternatives. For specific care instructions, our jewelry cleaning guide is your go-to resource, ensuring your watch remains pristine.

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Find A Jeweler You Can Trust at Deutsch & Deutsch Jewelers

Deutsch and Deutsch is your premier Texas destination for extraordinary timepieces. Our seasoned professionals are dedicated to serving as your comprehensive guide for all watch maintenance needs. We provide expert advice to ensure your timepiece remains a treasured asset as well as going above and beyond to meet your watch service demands. Experience our personalized assistance by visiting any of our five Texas jewelry stores in Laredo, El Paso, McAllen, Houston, and Victoria, or contact us to schedule an appointment. Elevate your watch care routine with our trusted expertise and discover the Deutsch and Deutsch difference today.