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Discover the Hottest Diamond Trends for 2021

March 1st, 2021

Your engagement ring isn?t just the most valuable piece in your jewelry box. It?s also an enduring symbol of your love and upcoming marriage as well as a piece that you?re likely to wear every day for decades. So, it?s no surprise that couples agonize over the best stone cuts and ring styles.

While it?s hard to go wrong when it comes to diamonds, the fact is that certain shapes are trending big for 2021. In particular, round diamond rings, oval diamond rings, and pear diamond rings are winning converts among style mavens and celebrities alike. Wondering what look is right for you? Keep reading to learn about the hottest stone styles for the year along with tips on choosing the right one to celebrate your relationship.

Consider a Round Diamond Ring

A classic for a reason, the round diamond ring is as timeless as it is stunning. It?s not surprising that round diamonds make up 75 percent of engagement ring sales; after all, this shape gives off the most light of any cut. Additionally, round diamonds are a great choice for couples who prefer uncommon rings, as the stone shape fits into almost every setting. Choose from clean, simple solitaries or more ornate styles featuring halos or side stones. It?s the perfect option for women who aspire to elegance in all things.

Next in Line: Oval Diamond Rings

A variation on round diamonds, oval diamond rings offer a romantic twist on the tradition. Beautiful and enchanting, oval rings evoke memories of eras past. As a result, they tend to pair well with settings featuring rose gold and other vintage touches. Oval rings are also a great choice for women who love to stand out. Just ask superstar Blake Lively, who received a stunning 12-carat pink oval diamond from actor-husband Ryan Reynolds.

Another Trending Option: Pear Diamond Rings

Does the woman in your life feel most comfortable when residing outside the box? If so, a pear diamond ring is the perfect way to go. Rich and romantic, this stone shape combines the clean beauty of a round diamond with the more playful marquise design for a look that?s supremely stylish. As a bonus, pear rings work well with a wide array of settings, from the classic to the unconventional. We?re especially fond of pairing this stone shape with a halo or accenting it with sleek baguettes. Choose from modern pear diamond rings and more vintage looks evoking the romance of ages past. As a bonus, this look is worn by celebrities ranging from Victoria Beckham to Elisha Cuthbert.

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