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Diamond Shape Guide

Guide to Diamond Shapes

Each diamond cut shines in its own signature way. Since the center stone is the focal point of any engagement ring, the diamond shape will play an integral part in your ring's final silhouette and overall aesthetic. Whether you are looking for vintage glamour, a timeless classic, or a unique showstopper, your diamond cut should fit your style and setting effortlessly. Our Guide to Diamond Shapes covers the most popular diamond cuts and their distinct characteristics.

Round Cut Diamonds

Known for emitting more sparkle than any other diamond shape, the round cut remains the most popular choice for engagement rings year after year. Cut with a stunning 58 facets, every symmetrical angle of these brilliant diamonds astonishingly reflects light. The classically shaped stone fits into every setting seamlessly and is universally flattering on every type of bride. Because of its intense popularity and versatility, the options are endless to find a round cut engagement ring.

Princess Cut Diamonds

The princess cut is the second most popular diamond cut, and it is easy to see why. Its distinguished square shape generates a luminous sparkle. The cut's sharp lines and pointed edges convey a sense of modernity when paired with any engagement ring style. Created in the 1960s, the princess cut has gained popularity in recent years as many brides-to-be have fallen in love with its distinct geometric design and intense brilliance.

Oval Cut Diamonds

The oval cut diamond is considered a modified brilliant cut, because of the specific placement of its facets. The elongated shape means the diamond has more surface area to reflect light, which results in a breathtaking sparkle. Delicate engagement ring settings beautifully complement the romantic and feminine curves of the oval cut. Many whose interest was peaked with the round brilliant, choose this stone shape for its similar shine and ability to look slightly larger even at the same carat weight.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Making up only 3% of the world's diamonds, the emerald cut is among the most unique diamond shapes available. The ravishing, glamorous appeal of the emerald cut is likely due to the parallel faceting. Acting as a hall of mirrors, the long facets produce a dazzling display of light. The pristine beauty of the emerald cut is further emphasized by the visual depth seen within the stone. As a bonus, the elongated shape gives the illusion of longer and slender fingers, making emerald cut engagement rings extremely flattering when worn.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

The graceful curves of pear shaped diamonds are unlike any other diamond shape. With one rounded side and one that ends in a point, the pear shaped diamond resembles an elegant teardrop. When handpicking this diamond, choose between a long, slender silhouette or one with a full body. Modern brides have flocked to the pear shaped diamond, due to the fact it combines many elements of the most sought-after stones yet stands out amongst the classic varieties.